Holmes Consulting

Support, Consulting and Online Education regarding all things Guardian in the State of Wisconsin. 

Ruth Holmes is the founder of a non-profit Professional Guardianship Agency. 
She has been serving clients in Northeast Wisconsin for over ten years as the director of her agency.  

Ruth is dedicated her new agency to helping Friends and Family serve their ageing Friends and Family.
Ruth Holmes, Lead Educator/CEO

Holmes Consulting  is being developed to help support and educate family and friends serving as guardians. 

Supporting your needs as a Guardians

Holmes Consulting are here to share our experiences, be there for each other and share what we know about being a Guardian.

Guide you in Guardianship through Consultation

Holmes Consulting are here to guide and learn how to provide excellence in the job we have been called to do.

Help Educate more Guardians through Online Courses

Holmes Consulting is a online education for court appointed Guardians in the state of Wisconsin.

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