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Attention Guardians in the State of Wisconsin or not specific of being a Guardian:

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What I Have Agreed to Become?

This course will outline the obligations of the Guardian of Person and Guardian of estate in the state of WI. It will also outline best practices and common pitfalls that Family members or Friends encounter when acting as a Court Appointed Guardian.

Layman's Vocabulary

Anything worth doing has its own vocabulary. In our vocabulary courses we will break down commonly used words so that we - the layman can understand them. We will work hard to help you understand the Court process, the Mental Health arena, and other areas you will encounter serving as a guardian.

Guardian and Power of Attorney Academy

Here we will break down the world of Guardianship into understandable segments. Using this course will drastically improve your success in serving as a Court appointed Guardian as well as help you avoid pitfalls and legal issues that you will come across. This course is a detailed course specifically designed to help you to meet your obligations to the Courts and Probate. 

Library: Target Courses

Select from our library of affordable content specific courses to accomplish certain tasks you encounter in Guardianship. Some are how to accomplish your initial inventory, Your first annual accounting and report of Person, as well as times of the year to be looking to review and accomplish certain tasks. If you're looking for detailed how-to on a topic this is the area for you to look.


For an hourly fee you can meet with an employee of Holmes Consulting one on one mentoring, discussion or specific problem solving.

Group Mentoring

For a monthly fee you can join other Guardians to get answers to all your questions. These sessions will be held twice a month at two different times to try to meet everyone's needs.
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Ruth Holmes, Lead Educator/CEO

Have over 100 years of experience in Guardianship and continue providing financial and health care management with compassionate support.
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$200 every month
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$147 every month
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